Things to do

Things to do

Botaira is the perfect point to explore the wide variety of things to do in the Yasawa Islands.

Things to do on Land:

Village Exploration

Village trips offer a way to interact with local communities and support local commerce by purchasing handmade Fijian crafts. The nearest village is a 40 minute walk or a 30 minute boat ride, as arranged by the resort for a small fee. Here you can also explore the hand carvings at the church and school.

Ecological Tour

Get to know Naviti's plants with a tour through the resort's eco-garden which was designed to mimic a traditional village plantation. With your personal guide, you can gain an inside look into the different roles of local fruit and vegetables in this island's economy.

Climb Naviti's Peak

This 35 minute walk will take you to the peak of Naviti, giving breathtaking views of the Yasawa Islands. A local guide can be arranged via the resort if needed.

Spear Throwing

This Fijian sport will let guests get a try at this local tradition. Learn from the experts and then try it yourself with a resort organized competition. You'll learn how to throw accurately and correctly hold the spear. A favorite among guests, be prepared for plenty of laughter!

Happy Hour

After whiling the day away in the sun or in the water, enjoy our sunset happy hour from  5.30-6.30pm.


What to do in the Water:


As an oceanfront resort, Botaira offers calm waters for swimming, along with a resort owned swimming raft for resting or diving.


Fiji is known for its crystal clear water and diverse marine life. Snorkeling in Yasawa is no different. Just outside the resort is a coral reef full of tropical fish. Snorkeling equipment is available free of charge for all resort guests.

Scuba Diving

Learn to scuba dive at Botaira. We offer world class diving instructors that lead everything from beginning certification to advanced open water classes. Please contact us if you are interested in a certification program.

Manta Rays

Manta Rays have long been a top tourist attraction in Fiji. From Naviti you can take a short boat ride to Manta Ray Passage. Here you can swim with these beautiful creatures in person. The best months for viewing rays are usually June or July but some viewers may get lucky in May. Travelers should note that Manta rays are harmless and do not have the lethal barbs like Sting Rays do. Boat charges apply.